I am the type of person who is always craving adventure – I like a challenge, and the adrenaline I feel with success! Don’t get me wrong – running my own business is not easy, but joining the travel industry has never felt more right to me. Travelling is the best way to find yourself, and I can honestly say this is where I belong.

Recognizing the truth about ourselves is the starting point of all change

My goal isn’t to have the top travel sales. I consider myself a coach (a leader) as I guide my clients to making the right travel decisions. I offer incredible travel and 5-star experiences, not commission driven sales pitches.  If an offer doesn’t make sense for you, I don’t book it.

I have always had an eye for travel. Back when I was in Elementary School I always had an interest in marine life; I would read books and wonder what it would be like to experience some of these amazing ventures in person. I am a girl with an undeniable passion for adventure, travel, and everything outdoors.


Although I did not achieve my dream of becoming a marine biologist, it has not stopped me from traveling to some pretty awesome destinations. I travel multiple times per year whether it be for training with reputable suppliers on a specific resort chain, summer trips to popular Europe destinations, or hot and sunny Caribbean vacations with my kids during the cold winter months. A few of the popular destinations I have travelled to include Mexico, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Dominican Republic, Antigua, Barbuda, Europe, and various USA hotspots including Las Vegas, & Disneyland. I always feel at my best when travelling, there is no better feeling than getting off a plane in a brand-new destination I’ve never been.

For me, travel is living. It isn’t about how long you live, all that matters is whether you live life to the fullest. 

Meet Debbie Buxton, Office Administrator

A seasoned traveler and graduate of the Travel Consultant Program at Grant MacEwan, I’ve explored 28 countries, weaving my passion for travel into every journey. From the vibrant beaches of Cabo San Lucas to the diverse landscapes of South Africa, the historical allure of Israel and Italy, and the tropical paradises of Fiji, Thailand, and Costa Rica, my adventures span the globe.

With a passion for sun-soaked destinations, I’ve reveled in the beauty of Mexico, Hawaii, and the Caribbean, crafting a travel narrative that’s as diverse as the destinations themselves. Ready to share tales and tips from my globetrotting escapades! I am a mom of 2 kids and 4 dogs, and my journeys are woven with the moments shared with loved ones.

Join me as I navigate the world, fueled by the boundless love for exploration, family, and the pitter-patter of four-legged companions.

'What People Are Saying'

“HIGHLY RECCOMEND” Ashley has been the utmost accommodating during this tricky time, and has been more than fantastic otherwise, if you need to book a trip I would highly recommend her. when this pandemic is over, I will definitely use her for my trip bookings! Thanks for all your hard work Ashley!!!
Car Popp
“FAST, EFFICIENT AND WASTED NO TIME” “Ashley was referred to me by a friend and I totally see why. She is fast, efficient and wasted no time so we wouldn’t miss deals. The vacation we took suggested by her was amazing. It had everything we could dream of in Mexico. I’d definitely use her again.”
Colleen Gillies
“INCREDIBLY FAST TO RESPOND” “Ashley has been so accommodating and incredibly fast to respond during this crazy COVID-19 situation. She has handled our large group of 40 travellers (in both Alberta and Ontario) so well and can only imagine how much more she has on her plate. THANK YOU ASHLEY”
Tina Gascoigne