Frequently Asked Questions

At Monarch Travel Pros we really take pride in our work and take the time to build relationships with our clients. We will always cater to your needs to ensure your vision meets our vision.

As a member of the TRAVEL LEADERS NETWORK (‘TL Network’)– Monarch Travel Pros is respected worldwide by a massive network of cruise, resort and tour companies, giving us special advantages to making your vacation truly unique.

With over 75 years serving the Travel Industry, TL Network is the largest and most celebrated network of professional travel agencies in North America. TL Network is a passionate community of travel professionals focused on mutual success. TL Network is one of the largest sellers of luxury travel, cruises and tours in the industry. Representing approximately 5,700 travel agency locations across the United States and Canada, our Network uses the power of our parent company, Travel Leaders Group, to assist millions of leisure and business travelers annually.

Booking with a travel professional is no more expensive than booking online. This is a big misconception. Most suppliers charge you the same rate for your trip regardless if you book direct with them, book online, or through a Travel Agent. Also, the additional value of your time and expertise added to holiday plans will far outweigh any small price difference, if there is one.

  • More than 120 suppliers covering cruise, tour, air, car, rail, insurance and more
  • The most comprehensive list of partners in the travel agency sector
  • All travel styles included: luxury, business, adventure and more

We do not get paid hourly or make a salary, Travel Agents get paid strictly by commission. We get paid by suppliers such as cruise lines, airlines, vacation companies, and hotels, and majority of the time not until after our clients travel. Every price you see online has a commission already built into it, so if you choose to book yourself, the booking website you use is who is making that commission. With this being said we do politely ask that if you choose to ask us for assistance, please allow us the privilege of booking your travel needs. If you book on your own after receiving our expertise, we do not get paid for the time we spent with you.

This depends on which supplier we are using to book your vacation, but most of the time, YES! You can certainly make payments on most vacation bookings. The majority of the time all we need is a deposit to get you booked and then the balance is not due until 45-60 days prior to departure!

The best gift you can give a travel agent is a referral! And of course, allowing us to plan your next vacation!